The Tudor Walled Gardens

From the original palace of Henry I in the 1100’s named Kingsbury [gift from a king] Palace, through to evolution of the site becoming part of Kingsbury Farm in the 18th century, the historic origins of the site are respected in the landscape of the new gardens.

The Old Palace Lodge Hotel

The overall philosophy of creating the gardens on the site of the old Norman King Inn is quintessentially English, an ambitious heritage project of classic gardening, with reference to the Tudor history linked to the hotel function rooms and famous bedroom suites.

Ornamental grasses give a modern feel to the planting and provide year-round interest with seasonal flowering bulbs and annual flowers in beds and linear zinc jardinières. The main planting compliments the hard landscape materials of the classic English garden style, while evergreen clipped hedges, box and yew topiary set within borders of hardy perennial plants and small ornamental trees bring to life the extensive research that informed the Tudor theme by which the new gardens were designed. Shrub and climbing roses will add colour and scent, with some espaliered fruit trees raised against the walls.

The Old Palace Lodge Hotel

Outside the hotel entrance, splendid topiary yew cones are growing in large stylish terracotta planters.

Along the beautiful red brick antique wall, bordered with pearls of lights in the evening, evergreen hedges creates natural alcoves for private seating while at the centre an elegant terrace of soft grey porcelain pavers with its deep rattan sofas, and contemporary fire pit offers a delightful haven for lunches, dinners, lounge seating and private receptions.

Behind the centre terrace an aged zinc water feature set in front of the old preserved Norman stone wall is surrounded by exotic grasses and herbaceous plants, sweet shrubs and majestic yew trees. The sound of cascading water will distract from busy life and cool down hot afternoons.

The Old Palace Lodge Hotel

In the attractive oak framed gazebo on the left hand side of the garden, wedding ceremonies will be celebrated watched by up to 115 guests. After the ceremony the couple will walk under the shaded pergola passageway to the terrace and welcome their guests, while Chef and the team will delight the party with a delicious BBQ.

Two beautiful glass pods offer a unique in/out experience. Both can be hired for private dining.

The Old Palace Lodge Hotel


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